Remember the days when you wanted to chat about your favorite music or television shows, you would be forced to seek out like-minded people at school or work or your local hangout.   What did we do if we couldn’t find anyone who shared our passion?  Before the proliferation of social media and Internet fansites, being a fan of a particular band was for some a lonely pursuit.  Now social media sites like YouTube and Facebook have made it so anyone with a computer can discover and connect with kindred spirits.  The world over, people gather daily to post or chat on Facebook, expressing their thoughts about THEIR favorite bands and music, among other favorite things.
This week, Sunshine Avenue had the serendipitous occasion to come across a kindred spirit through the magic of social media.  Thanks to having a web presence and ongoing communications about our commitment to shining a light on the good work being done by others, one of our fans shared a link and introduced us to an amazing band in the UK that shares our desire to let the sun shine and make people happy.  Jive Aces, the UK’s number one jive and swing band, recently were awarded the coveted Silver Telly Award and won “Best Music Video” at the New York Film Festival for their “Bring Me Sunshine” video.
Sunshine Avenue congratulates and applauds the Jive Aces for their wonderful contribution in bringing greater attention to the importance of finding the positive amidst what seems to be negative.  In tribute to their work in bringing smiles and goodness to others, Sunshine Avenue officially declares “Bring Me Sunshine” as our company’s theme song.  For your dose of sunshine today, check out the Jive Aces video on YouTube or visit iTunes to download it to your iPod for a daily dose of happiness.
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Happy Dancing!

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