Social Media Marketing

Every company has to have its own unique skill that it can do better than others! Ours is social media marketing.
We offer training to all of our clients in how to effectively utilize social media including design and implementation, so that you can get your own social media marketing campaign of to a flying start.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Let’s break down the phrase “Social Media Marketing”

Social Media Marketing: To promote a product or a service in order to increase sales.

Social Media Marketing: Online platforms where people connect, communicate and network

Online Platform Examples: Blogs; Social Networking Sites: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In.

Let’s take a quick look at traditional marketing vs. social media marketing.

So, why should I bother with using Social Media Marketing?

According to a recent Razorfish Consumer Experience Report, 49% of web users now make a purchase based on recommendations they received through a social media site. YET, only 25% of businesses have a Facebook page.

1.    Social media marketing is already happening. Whether you actively seek it out or are passive about it, social media marketing is already happening in your business as people talk about you, your your products, your service, and your company on social media sites such as Facebook. It’s inevitable. Social media communities are breeding grounds for interaction. The only choice you have is either be a part and steer some of the already occurring conversation or not.

2.    Social media is where the PEOPLE are. Let’s say there was an expo happening where 300 million people would be attending, and I offered you a free booth. Would you take it? A savvy business person would. Facebook for example is growing at a rate of 600,000 new users a day. Will they those users know how to find you?

3.       Attention spans continue to get shorter and trust in advertising continues to erode. Let’s face it. We trust our friends more than we trust what the nice folks on TV tell us. You can either be THAT friend or you can be the voice on TV that gets ignored. The choice is yours either join the crowd and reap the rewards or continue to use traditional marketing and watch your sales dive.