Many of our clients participate in national and regional high-visibility venues/sponsorships to leverage products and services across different market segments.  Careful evaluation of new relationships and sponsorships to ensure revenue-generation potential and brand differentiation is critical for a successful investment.

Included in our work competencies is the identification, structuring and negotiation of strategic business partner alliances to drive marketing and revenue objectives.  Our work includes partnerships with a wide diversity of companies including Barnes & Noble, Motorola, Scholastic Inc., 7 Eleven, Clear Channel Communications, Dallas Morning News, Fidelity Investments, AskJeeves, Lucent, Baylor Healthcare System, PepsiCo, and others.


Product Placement & Brand Recognition

  • Integrated Verizon’s premiere product placement opportunities at appropriate venues, such as broadband promotions at New York, Tampa Bay, Florida, and Los Angeles music festivals, Dave Matthews Band Island Getaway Festival, New York is Book Country, USA Luge Team and US Track & Field sponsorship programs featured in association with 2002 Winter Olympics and Penn Relays.


  • Venues promoted through traditional public relations, advertising and marketing venues, both internally and externally.
  • Community contribution platform elements consistently garner placements with national, regional and local media outlets.

Relationship Marketing

  • Researched organizations with complementary objectives and revenue-generating potential.  Initiated program collaboration and secured partnership terms.
  • Managed relationships with numerous national nonprofit partner organizations to reach more than 40 million constituents.  Nonprofit partners have included American Library Association, Harvard School of Public Health, National Center for Family Literacy, National Council of La Raza, National Latino Community Foundation, U.S. Department of Education and others.

PR Events

  • Hispanic Heritage Month: Brokered partnership with the Hispanic Support Organization to identify 12 public schools in New York, Boston, New Jersey and Washington, D.C., which primarily serve Hispanic markets. Negotiated donation of 120 new desktop computers, educational software and 36 printers, in addition to 4,800 books including recommended reading books, bilingual dictionaries and Hispanic Heritage themed literature. Enlisted special readers like Hispanic beauty and Miss Universe 2003 Amelia Vega.
  • Black History Month: Brokered partnership with the NAACP to develop a promotion soliciting donations during Black History Month that would benefit the NAACP’s literacy outreach.
  • Dave Matthews Band: Negotiated first-ever corporate partnership with the Dave Matthews Band to host a book drive during New York music festival. More than 50,000 books were donated to New York schools, and 10,000 books sent to Dave Matthews’ home state of Virginia.

Multicultural Marketing

  • Spearhead focused efforts to expand community relations efforts to reach specific market segments through a targeted marketing approach.
  • Have established program relationships with NAACP and League of Urban Latin American Citizens in support of, respectively, Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month co-sponsored campaigns.

Internal Communications

  • Managed promotion of all external event venues and sponsorship commitments to internal employee audiences including Verizon’s more than 250,000 employees.
  • Evaluate venues and opportunities to identify employee resource group(s) for potential partnership.
  • Position public affairs and community relations departments as value-added services for corporations.
  • Develop partnerships with key operating units and business management teams to garner full corporate support and transform corporate social responsibility into a strong ROI producer.

Executive Management

  • Leverage corporate sponsorship investments to create a high-profile platform for positioning executive leadership including President Retail Markets, Executive Vice President Advertising/Branding and Verizon Presidents of New York, California, Florida, Texas.
  • Platforms maximized visibility for Verizon leadership messages and representatives with large scale consumer audiences and media.