For the past 3 years, Capital One Bank has been the title sponsor of the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot race. With a significant investment in the organization and event, Capital One Bank’s positive experience and benefit from the event are a critical priority for the YMCA.  As the largest race of its kind in the world taking place on Thanksgiving Day and 43 year Dallas tradition, Capital One Bank recognized the YMCA Turkey Trot race as an ideal venue to reach consumers in North Texas with their corporate social responsibility message.  Expectations for measureable results were driven by the bank’s marketing department.  The YMCA of Greater Metropolitan Dallas dedicated resources to delivering a top notch event for both the community AND the companies investing in the highly regarded venue.

Social Impact

Proceeds raised by the 2010 Capital One Bank Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot will go to benefit YMCA programs for the Live Strong at the YMCA Lance Armstrong Cancer CollaborativeYMCA Urban Swim Program and scholarships for disabilities.



To date, more than 11,000 kids have received free or reduced swim lessons.



Sponsor Branding and Recognition

  • Capital One Bank’s partnership in the event was showcased in all communications and branded materials. A key measurement for the event was the scope of positive impressions made during the promotion and execution of the event. Total impressions generated exceeded 1 BILLION during the month of November.


  • The event was promoted through online and traditional media channels including Facebook, partner websites, broadcast television and radio, and print and billboard media. 2010 media marked a milestone by exceeding previous year’s coverage of the event. Highlights included the pitching and promotion of special interest stories related to the event with a spotlight on a running couple getting married prior to the start of the race. The wedding story landed several features in the Dallas Morning News, WFAA Channel 8 and Fox 4 News in addition to hundreds of web pages reaching a regional and national audience.

Digital Publicity

  • Digital publicity played a larger role in growing the number of event participants. Targeted campaigns were featured on Facebook to drive increased race registrations, deliver greater value to event sponsors and promote Capital One Bank’s role as a socially responsible company. Facebook promotions included a Turkey Trot Fan Page, Online Registration Business Page and Capital One Bank Event Photo Contest.

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