Soap Hope Lifts Women Up Out of Poverty

Soap Hope partners with bloggers to bring greater support for the 1.3 billion women living in poverty.

Dallas, TX –  It started with the question:  Why can’t businesses have a business mind and a social heart?  Salah Boukadoum spent the first part of his successful career serving customers in an “all business” environment.  Inspired by a visit to Kenya early in his career, he decided the next chapter of his professional life would be dedicated to proving that businesses can have a fully-integrated social mission, be environmentally responsible, and also make a profit.  Salah’s newest company, Soap Hope, has cracked the code and invests 100% of its profits every year into nonprofit organizations that provide microloans and business training to women in poverty, enabling them to create businesses that lift them and their communities into sustainability.  Soap Hope sells top-quality goods online from boutique makers of all natural body care products.  Salah named this new business model “GOOD RETURNS” and has a vision to bring his model to larger companies that can help impact the 900,000 million women across the globe that are in poverty.  And the great news is that these investments in doing social good do not cost the company one single penny.

Like many great and successful innovators, Salah set out to prove in the concept by demonstrating that the model could be effective in creating jobs, growing a bottom line and becoming a reputable company within its business sector.  One of the powerful ways that Salah has gone about building his success is by recognizing the power and influence of today’s most sought-after thought leader, otherwise known as the BLOGGERSoap Hope has extended the hand of partnership to bloggers to engage them in supporting the mission by bringing greater awareness for his company’s mission among their socially-conscious readers and providing them with an avenue to add value to their bottom lines.

Bloggers that are interested experiencing the Soap Hope products, earning extra income and helping change the world are encouraged to connect with Salah at

Sunshine Avenue is proud to help support Soap Hope in growing their profits, sharing their mission and reaching the goal of helping to contribute $1 billion of capital toward anti-poverty efforts.  Count us in for supporting this very worthy mission!



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