Kamp Hollywood! Celebrates a Decade of Helping Young People Realize their Film-making Dreams

The Movie Institute features Hollywood-quality film-making instruction, equipment and facilities at their 2011 summer camp for teens.

Please never stop doing this camp. It was the reason I discovered my life’s work. It may not seem much sometimes to all of you- and actually maybe a pain sometimes, but it means a lot to us. It makes a real difference.
Andrew Disney
Indie: Kamp Hollywood

Irving, TX – Running July 25 – 31, the Movie Institute will once again host campers from across the United States at the renowned Dallas Communications Complex in Irving, TX.  Born out of a need to provide a meaningful place for young people with an interest in film-production, Kamp Hollywood! provides a comprehensive moviemaking day-camp where attendees experience the indie film industry by creating producing, acting and screening their very own digital indie film shorts.  Campers, or “Indies” as they are called at camp, have fun experiencing the creativity that only the Moving Image Industry brings.  Through this one of a kind experience, vital life skills such as teamwork, discipline and leadership are learned while gaining a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

The Movie Institute is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that uses the moving image to mentor and train young people to lead more successful lives.   Through the programs offered by the Movie Institute, beneficiaries gain a sense of accomplishment based directly on their work and contributions to a project.  Program graduates have benefited directly from their skills development in the areas of entrepreneurism, career development and advanced educational attainment.  Click here for more information on attending this year’s camp.

Sunshine Avenue can’t wait to experience this year’s film shorts.  Mentoring imagination and making movies has never been so rewarding!


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